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Posted by admin on 13/05/2024

In Belgium, including an inventory report in rental contracts is a legal requirement for leasing real estate properties such as houses, apartments, and studios. This obligation is governed by the “Housing Rental Law,” aimed at protecting both tenants and landlords and preventing disputes upon the termination of lease agreements.

By documenting the condition of the property at the start of the lease term, any subsequent disagreements regarding damage or wear and tear can be objectively assessed. This contributes to a fair and transparent resolution of the lease, benefiting the relationship between tenant and landlord.

The significance of an inventory report cannot be overstated, as it serves as a detailed reference point for the condition of the leased property at the beginning of the lease term. This report encompasses a thorough analysis of the physical state of the property, including walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and any furniture present. Photographs are often included to supplement the written description.  


Furthermore, an accurate inventory report provides peace of mind for both tenants and landlords. Tenants are assured that they will not be held responsible for pre-existing damage, while landlords have a clear understanding of the condition of their property prior to leasing. This minimizes the risk of financial disputes and legal proceedings.

Failure to comply with the obligation to prepare an inventory report can lead to discussions, complications and uncertainty when terminating the lease agreement. Therefore, it is crucial for both tenants and landlords to take this procedure seriously and prepare a thorough and accurate inventory report when entering into a rental contract in Belgium. This ensures a smooth and equitable rental experience for all parties involved.

We are committed to upholding these legal requirements and ensuring a seamless rental process for our tenants, therefore we have chosen to work 

A seamless rental experience begins with a legelly correct and comprehensive inventory report. Why take the risk of handling this crucial aspect yourself when you can enlist the help of an external inventory expert?

Here are some compelling reasons why collaborating with an inventory expert can elevate your rental agreements:

  1. Legal Precision: Inventory reports aren’t just administrative formalities; they carry legal implications. An experienced expert understands the legal requirements and can ensure that your inventory reports are fully compliant with regulations, bolstering your position as a landlord.
  2. Objective Assessment: Maintaining objectivity when assessing the condition of your properties can be challenging. An external expert offers a fresh perspective and can provide an impartial assessment, enhancing the credibility of your inventory reports and reducing potential disputes with tenants.  To secure an objective assesment, both landlord and tenant have to pay their share directly to the professional who will be making the assessment.
  3. Thorough Inspections: Inventory experts are trained to conduct thorough inspections of every aspect of your properties. From structural integrity to cosmetic details, they leave no stone unturned, ensuring comprehensive and accurate documentation of your properties’ condition.
  4. Time and Cost Savings: Outsourcing inventory reports to an expert not only saves you valuable time but can also save costs in the long run. By preventing potential disputes and ensuring the accuracy of your documentation, you minimize the risk of unforeseen expenses and legal proceedings.
  5. Professional Presentation: Well-drafted inventory reports exude professionalism and enhance tenants’ trust. By partnering with an external expert, you can ensure that your documentation meets the highest standards, enhancing your reputation as a landlord.

In summary, hiring an external inventory expert is an investment in the quality and legal validity of your rental agreements. 

Creating a comprehensive place inventory for your rental contract involves several essential steps to ensure accuracy, legality, and thoroughness. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

    1. Initial Inspection: The expert will collect all necessary information about yoru rental contract and contact you for an appointment. Best is to organize this before or as close to your move-in date.  A designated professional will conduct a thorough inspection of the rental property. They’ll assess the condition of every aspect, from walls to appliances, and document their findings.

    2. Documentation: The inspector will document their observations in a detailed inventory report. This report lists all items included in the rental, along with descriptions of their condition.

    3. Photographic Evidence: Photographs are taken to complement the written inventory, providing visual evidence of the property’s condition at the beginning of your lease.

    4. Review and Agreement: Both you and the landlord will have the opportunity to review the inventory report and have a feedback period of 14 days, after this period the inventory’ content will be considered as acknowledged and therefore become definite. 

    5. Retention and Updates: You’ll receive a copy of the confirmed inventory report for your records. It’s essential to keep this document safe throughout your tenancy. Any changes to the property’s condition should be communicated and documented accordingly and can be added to the inventory using an addendum.

Working with IFIRMA

We have chosen to work with Ifirma as they have proven to be reliable and affordable. Here you can find more information about how placedescriptions and IFIRMA work and answers to yoru questions. The PRICELIST of Ifirma can be found here.

Practical procedure INGOING INVENTORY :

1. Ifirma will schedle an appointment with you.
Few weeks before start of your contract Ifirma will contact the tenant to organize the date.  Please make sure to confirm them ASAP and so to make sure your inventory can be made as close as possible to your move-in date.   You will receive a document to be signed so Ifirma is mandated to do the assessment. 

2. The inventory will be made and processed.

3. You will receive the place inventory concept, to be reviewed and confirmed. You have 2 weeks time to add any other comments.  After this your  inventpry is definite.

Practical procedure OUTGOING INVENTORY:

Place descriptions are time consuming and expensive, therefore your landlords gives you the opportunity to avoid supplementary cost and time of organizing an outgoing place inventory.  

Latest 3 weeks before the end of your stay, your landlord will come to do a check-up for check-out. Make sure to foresee this and that your studio is well maintained during your stay as this serves to inspect the general state of your accommodation at that moment: is there no damage and the studio is in well maintained state? 

If your studio is in good state and well maintained, in this case, tenant and landlord can mutually agree to skip the outgoing placedescription and come to an agreement about possible small damages and the final cleaning.

If there are problems in the studio or you cannot come to an agreement, Ifirma will be invited to make the assessment and define costs for damage and/or cleaning.  IFIRMA then will schedule a meeting with the tenant, make sure to respond in time as it needs to be planned in time to match your depature dates as on the day of outgoing invetory takes place, you will also have to handover your keys.

I have already arrived in my studio but IFIRMA will come only after my arrival.

Your have received a deep cleaned studio, it has been executed if anything (serious) was not clean upon arrival, within 24 hours you can send us a report and clear pictures, so we can send somebody to solve this.   Any remarks about cleanliness upon arrival after this period, cannot be validated after this period and will therefore not be accepted. 
Make sure to check yoru studio upon arrival and to confirm any serious issues in time. 

Some tips and how to deep clean your studio before leaving can be found here. We understand not everybody has the time or the experience to manage this, in that case the remaining work will be done by a cleaning lady or in case of excess or discussion by a professional cleaning company. The cost for remaining final cleaning will be charged from the deposit.

General information about yoru stay can be found here.

Need help? Have questions? Mail us.

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