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Kotnet for KU Leuven students

Posted by admin on 3 March 2016

Kotnet for KU Leuven subscribers

All our are studio’s at For Rent Leuven are equipped with the fastest internet connection of Telenet.
However as a KUL student it is possible to take your own  seperate subscription at a better rate via the KUL. 

The information they provide is in Ducth only, you can find it on this site, they can help you at the KUL ICT department

You can also check the KU Leuven servicedesk for help.

The disadvantage with Kotnet is that you have to take the subscription for 1 full year, even if you don’t stay that long. 
The price is 199 € /12 = 16.6€ / month. 

You can find the information on how to get the KOTNET subscription here:


If this is more advantageous for you, because you stay for a shorter period, you can decide to take a normal subscription with telenet that you can finish earlier, in the end this solution may be more convenient for you (don’t forget to inform first about their cancellation conditions)


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