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Posted by admin on 22 February 2020
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What is an Emergency?

Emergencies are situations that are life threathening, or that can cause serious damage to the building or the persons inside it.

How to handle in case of emergencies:
In case of an emergency, it is best to contact the necessary instances via the emergency number : 112 firemen, police, ambulance + always your landlord BY PHONE

  • The building is on fire: contact the fire department and contact your landlord, follow the fire safety procedure present in your room and leave the building ASAP, alarm all people inside the building
  • There is a leak and water is running from the walls, ceiling, floor: contact your landlord by phone immediately.
  • There is a smell of gas IN the building: do not turn on lights or electrical devices, leave the building and call the emergency number
    0800 65 0 65
  • There is a burglary in the building: contact the police and avoid contact
  • A serious accident happened, some fellow tenants or visitors need urgent medical care: contact the emergency number and inform your landlord


These are situations that need to be handled in short time, but are not life threathening. Please use your common sence and think when taking action, no company will be able to come and solve a power outage during night time.
Respect reasonable hours to wake up people. Know that we will help you as soon as possible, but we cannot do miracles and are usually depending also of other parties to solve issues.

  • I have lost my keys: during NIGHT time: contact a friend to stay there until day time, try to contact one of your fellow tenants you think is able to help you, if not wait until a reasonnable hour to wake up people. Everybody needs to work the next day and nobody else i s to be punished becaus you have lost your keys. Use your common sense please! During DAY time: contact your LANDLORD by PHONE. Interventions to solve this for you will be billed (locks or key replacement and service + deplacement cost is at the tenants expense), make sure to look for your keys first
  • There is no electricity in the building: contact your LANDLORD by PHONE during day time , by mail during NIGHT time
  • There is no heating in the building: contact your LANDLORD by PHONE during day time, by mail during NIGHT time

What is NO emergency and NOT URGENT

For administrative questions or information, you can contact us by mail or
use one of the corresponding forms to send us the information, so you will receive a copy also and the information will end up with the correct person immediately

When contacting us:
– Always mention yor studio number to ease communication and fasten reply
– Clearly describe your question or problem and add all necessary or usefull information


Some Safety TIPS for Student rooms from KU Leuven can be found here