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Your TECHEM meter

Your TECHEM meter
  • Please make sure to fill in your meter numbers correctly ! They will be used to calculate the cost of your heating at the end of your stay. You will need to use this form the first days of your arrival and also the last week of your arrival. You will receive in both cases a mail with this link. Please fill it in so you will also receive a copy of your meter stands and thus can calculate your cost at all time by comparing the start meterstand with the end meterstand and multiplying by the cost per unit. Rate until 31/12/19: 0.37€/unit Your Techem meter can be found on the front of the radiator. It displays 3 numbers, they switch every few seconds. Info Techem meter 1 - Fill in the data fields and select your studio number 2 - Now check the meter and wait until you see the number corresponding the number next to your studio number. 3 - Fill in that number in the field 1st number 4 - Fill in the 2nd number 5 - Fill in the 3rd number 6 - Submit the form
  • Name*Fill in your full name
  • Email*fill in your email if you want to receive a copy ogf the meterstands you filled in
  • Date of Meterstand taken*Select the date you took note of the meterstand
  • Studio Number*select your studio
  • 1st Number*This is your meter number, it consists of 4 digits and is always the same number
  • 2nd Number*Current Meterstand: this number indicates the stand of your meter today. We will start count consumend based on this meterstand on arrival and departure
  • 3rd Number*Reference Number : This number indicates the total consumption of the previous year. If you see --- this indicates your meter has been replaced this year. Fill in 0
  • Validation Check*Please double check the numbers and make sure that they are correct.
    I confirm that these numbers are correct.
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