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Where to park your bicyle near For Rent Leuven

Posted by admin on 6 March 2016
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Moving fast and easy through Leuven offen happens by bicycle.
Unfortunately for safety reasons, we cannot have any bicyles stored inside the building.
But we like to help, so we have gathered some information for you on this page.

Rent a bike in Leuven

There are different ways to rent a bike in Leuven, below you find some links to institutions that rent bikes in Leuven.

Blue-Bike :
Velo :

Parking your bike near your studio at For Rent Leuven

This map shows all parking spots available near your studio or all around town.
Check the full map here.

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Bicycle map and parkings near For Rent Leuven

On the website of Leuven city you will find a lot of information about bicycling in Leuven.

There is also a map with :

  • Route and bicycling network
  • dangerous points for bikers
  • Bicyle parkings – blue spots on the map
  • one-way roads for bikers

Look at the full map here:



Also the police gives more information on the police regulations for parking your bike

Safety, stolen bikes and more information

Can be found on  mobility pages on the website of KUL, unfortunately it is in Dutch.