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What is the ideal fridge temperature?

Posted by admin on 19 November 2019
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About a quarter of all households have their fridge set to the wrong temperature. The best temperature for the cooling compartment is 4 degrees Celsius. When the fridge doesn’t have air circulation, you should put your food at the bottom of the fridge. The temperature is lowest there.

  1. The ideal temperature is 4°C 
  2. Measure the temperature 
  3. Different temperature zones

The ideal temperature is 4°C

Fridge temperature

A temperature of 4 degrees Celsius is ideal for keeping your food in your fridge. That’s because most meats last longest at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. Most vegetables and fruits that you can keep in your fridge take longer to expire at this temperature too. If the fridge temperature is higher, fungi and bacteria can multiply more easily, which means your food will spoil faster. If you set the temperature to lower than 4 degrees Celsius, you’ll be wasting energy for no reason.

Measure the temperature

Fridge thermometer

If your fridge doesn’t feature digital temperature control, it might be hard to set it to 4 degrees Celsius. A special fridge thermometer offers a solution in this case. You can place or hang it in the fridge to know exactly how many degrees it is. This way, you can easily find out if your fridge has the best temperature to store your groceries.View all fridge thermometers

Different temperature zones

Temperature zones

A fan or air holes in the back of the fridge strengthen the air circulation and ensure an even temperature. If your fridge doesn’t have these features, the temperature varies in some places. In this case, the lower part of the fridge, right above the crisper drawer, is the coldest. This is the ideal spot to keep food that spoils quickly, such as chopped vegetables, or meat. In the crisper drawer, you can keep whole vegetables and fruit.