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Shared Kitchen Cleanliness and Courtesy Rules

Dear tenants,

Soon most of you will use the shared kitchen.  Please find and respect the rules attached, they are there to serve both YOU and your fellow tenants.

In the meantime, go through them even if you still have your own kitchenette now.  If you maintain your kitchenette well after each use, it is only a small effort compared to having to clean it up after a long time.  This is important for your own health.  

We note that some people have difficulties on how to keep the kitchenette clean and in good state, let this info below be your guide, if you still have problems or questions, contact us, so we can see if we can help you.

Have a nice day!


Shared Kitchen Cleanliness and Courtesy Rules

A clean and tidy kitchen is a pleasure for everyone, especially after a hard day’s work.

This is a shared kitchen and that’s why we kindly ask you to respect your fellow residents by reading and respecting all our kitchen cleanliness and courtesy rules.

All tools to keep the kitchen clean are present. If the kitchen cannot be kept tidy by its users, we will be obliged to hire an extra cleaning service and will be forced to complete the rent with a cleaning supplement.


  • If you use it, clean it
  • If you pick it out, put it back
  • If you spill it, wipe it up
  • Clean the table after use
  • ALLWAYS turn off the cookers after use
  • Do not to take the common kitchen utensils to the room
  • To keep the kitchen tidy we ask you to recycle PMD, paper, glass garbage in your room

(For ecological reasons, garbage recycling is mandatory in Belgium.)


  • Clean and DRY your dishes (pots, pans, utensils, glasses, cutlery, etc.) after use
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink
  • Do not leave washed dishes in or next to the sink
  • Clean the sink after EVERY use
  • ALWAYS remove dirt from the sink and sink drain to avoid clogging
  • Clean the wall behind the sink


  • Wipe off or rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher
  • Use the dishwasher correctly (check manual if you have doubts)


  • Always use the microwave splatter cover to avoid spillings
  • Clean the microwave after each use


  • While cooking, please, use the splatter screens to avoid grease splashes
  • Always clean the cooker and spillings on the wall after cooking
  • Clean up al grease and food spills
  • Always use the iron coaster next to the cookers for hot pots and pans
  • Never put hot pots or pans directly on the kitchen counter
  • Clean baking tray and grill after use as well as the inside of the oven door


  • Report problems with devices to owners ASAP:
  • Manuals for the devices can be found in the drawer
  • The manuals must always be kept in the drawer in the kitchen

Thank you very much for your co-operation and enjoy your meal.

PS: concerning the VACUUM CLEANER

  • the vacuum cleaner can be borrowed for 10 minutes at a time and must be returned to the kitchen after 10 minutes of use in your room
  • ALWAYS empty the vacuum cleaner after use !

With kind regards,
Erika Adriaenssens
iov Veerle Van Keymeulen 

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