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Request for a second bed

  • Request for a second bed
  • Dear tenant, as you know we work with a price that includes cost for facilities as eg: water, electricity, internet, .... For this reason, if an extra person is staying in your accommodation, there is a supplementary charge applicable for extra consumption of water, energy, internet, materials, ... and the use of the accommodation. In this case we also put a second bed and provide you with necessary sheets. The charge for an extra person is : -- 25 € / week(end) for the use of extra bed + accommodation + facilities -- 30 € / one-time cost for the use and laundry of sheets (cover, pillow, bedsheet set) (Rates valid till 31/12/18) Please fill in the details so we can book a bed for you and place it in time. Please fill in a seperate request for non connected periods. Thank you!
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