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Parking near your studio in Leuven

Posted by admin on 10 June 2016
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Need to park your car in Leuven?
All info about Parking in Leuven can be found here, unfortunately they have no translation.  Please let us know if you need help.

Public parking is payable and limited – arkeren/
Almost everywhere in the city you’ll need to pay to park your car during daytime (8:00 – 21:00) and it will be alowed for max 4 hours. 

Free parking
Can only be found in outside the center and is mostly limited to 2hours.

Parking licence
In certain cases it is possible to get a (temporary) parking licence. For that there are some resuirements, one of them is that you need to register at the address of your studio, more info can be found here :

Rent a private parking
Prices differ and you should take care of the possibility that you can cancell the contract in time when you leave back home.

Some sites that can help you find a place:

Find a map and  list of public parkings on this website