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NEVER leave unattended food on the cooker!

Posted by admin on 20 November 2019
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Last week i received a notification of fire alarm in the kitchen.  We checked it and we noticed somebody had put food on the cooking plate and then left the kitchen, please note that this is a very dangerous thing to do and thus NEVER  allowed to leave foods cooking without surveillance.  A starting Fire needs only 4 seconds to put a whole room and secondly building on fire with disastrous consequences. or or

There is a high risk of causing FIRE and accidents leaving cooking food unattended and not even being there to notice it or being able to extinct it!
It is actually the first most common cause of a house fire! See below!

15 years ago we have had similar incident with a women coming home late from work, putting food on the cooker and then went to the living room but fell asleep on the chair!   The whole building had to be evacuated and luckily we had 1 hero, who managed to break open her door and to save her from the fire and smoke inside the studio, if not she would have died !!

The cost for fire department intervention is at that moment the least of the worries! Note that insurance will NOT cover this nor any costs and you may be held personally responsible if the reason of a fire would not be an accident but  poor house management like eg. leaving cooking food unattended !!!

Please be aware that 26 other people are living in this building; young people, people with families, maybe children, friends and especially people with ambitions for a future.  If you leave food cooking unattended and something happens you would be responsible for a disaster not only for yourself and your future, not only for the building but also for many people who maybe would not be able leaving a burning building in time, you really do not want to be responsible for that !

Also every intervention to reset the alarm after a false alarm costs money, next time, this will be charged from the one responsible for the fire alarm!

I hope you understand that I am quite upset to find out when people are doing unresponsible things like this and thus find it important to draw your attention to the consequences. 

Luckily we have invested a lot in fire safety the past year and a general smoke alarm will draw everybody’s attention, nevertheless I sincerely hope you understand the danger of this situation and it will not happen again.

Thank you for caring and have a lovely evening,