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Manage your heating

Posted by admin on 10 February 2017
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How to manage your heating

Heating is expensive in Europe, please note that good management of your heating is important and will avoid unpleasant surprises and  high bills  at the end of your stay.

Every accommodation has its own radiator and measurement system.

The radiator is located under your window and has both a techem meter and a nob to turn on and off the radiator.

radiator nob
Radiator nob

techem meter
Techem meter device

Manage your heating

How to use the heating:

– when you leave your flat (even for shorter time of one hour) : turn off your radiator by using the nob
– when you arrive home turn it back on
– When you go to sleep, lower your heating, sleeping in an environment that is too warm is not healty
– when using the radiator and opening the window simultaneously, ventilation is important , especially during cooking or after showering, but do not forget to close your window afterwards, if not know that you are wasting energy

Meterstands heating

On the day of your arrival you have to use the form to send us the stand of your Techem meter.
Same counts for your departure: 2 or 3 days before you have to send us the meterstand so we can make your final calculation.

Please use the form as this way your information is stored in our databas and easy to track afterwards, you will also receive a copy of the submission.

ADD your meterstand:

Your Techem meter can be found on the front of the radiator. It displays 3 numbers, they switch every few seconds.
The first  4digit number is the number of your meter.
The last number is the amount of units used the past year, it counts as a reference.
The second number displays your current meter stand, you will see it changes during your stay if you use the heating.
If you multiply the cost indicated on your rental proposal with number of consumed units (difference between arrival number and the numder at the moment you calculate your consumption), you will can calculate how much heating you have already consumed.

Legal heating schedules

Comfort temperatures are to be set in general for the whole building as prescribed by the housing regulations.

Art. 16. COMFORT   –   De kamer moet in overeenstemming zijn met het geldende decreet houdende de kwaliteits- en veiligheidsnormen voor zelfstandige woningen. De kamer moet voldoende verlicht, verlucht en tegen geluid geïsoleerd zijn. De verhuurder waarborgt een temperatuur van 20 °C tussen 7 en 24 uur, en 12 °C ’s nachts.

In our building the general heating system is set to guarantee the following temperatures in case of correct use of the heating system:
16° from 12 pm to 7 am
21° from 7 am to 12 pm

Questions? Need help? 

Contact your landlord! We’ll be glad to help where possible.