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Laundry Room Regulations

Dear tenants,

Use of the coin machine and laundry machines
Coin machines have been installed yesterday. The system works with 1 EURO COINS only.
1€ buys 15 mins of time/energy.

To decide how much coins you need to enter, choose your program and calculate corresponding coins needed.
You can find the table below, my next visit to Leuven I will make a print to add to the laundry room.

To use the machines:
– Decide your program

– If possible already select it (dryer only)
– Add sufficient coins

– The time will immediately start running
– After entering coins you always need to ‘start’ the machine.

Washing machine: The display on the coin machine will indicate the paid time left, if you see it will not be enough during the program, you can add coins during the program, so the machine has enough energy to end the program.

                                  Once the program is finished you can always open the machine.
                                  If you have not added enough coins, the machine will stop and you will need to add coins to continue your program (it’s possible you need to push start after adding coins)

Dryer: On the top of the machine there is a table referring to the amount of minutes needed to dry the weight and type of clothes.
            You can decide beforehand how much time you want to use the dryer.  NO time can be added by adding coins during the drying cycle.

Some regulations about the laundry room:

  • You do not put your laundry and then leave outside the building, other tenants also like to use the machines and this is not possible if you leave your laundry. 
    When you do your laundry, you plan your presence in the building so you can remove your personal stuff immediately after usage.
    It is NOT OK to make other people are obliged to wait until you are back. Or if the machine stopped half way and they would need to add coins just to be able to remove your laundry.
  • You keep your washing products in your room, small bags with washing product, empty packages, empty bags etc…  slingering around the laundry room: NOT OK.  If you want to organise to pit shared products (on your own expense) in the Laundry room, agree with your fellow tenants and let me know so we can arrange a cabinet or shelf.

If you spill laundry products, you clean it up.

  • Dryer: before you use, you check if the filter needs to be cleaned. Full filters can cause a fire. You also check the time to see when you have to go to pickup your laundry, so the next tenant can use it. Yesterday I found completely dry laundry, still operating on and duration left of 50 minutes?! What is the use of that? Think of the climate and environment, many young people go on the street for that every week!
  • I will provide a plastic basket in the laundry room next time, so if your laundry stays, people can put it in there, this is the exception, not the rule.
  • Issues with one of the machines are ALWAYS communicated IMMEDIATELY:
  • We will see how this works for the coming months and it’s possible more guidelines will be added in the future
  • Any suggestions to make this work nice and easy for you can always be sent to me.

ISSUES with the machines:
Yesterday only I learned that there is an issue with the dryer that doesn’t stop after finishing the cycle, but simply starts running again taking the whole cycle, this means the dryer is running 24 hours if nobody turns it off. 

2 people came to tell me this yesterday, one person mailed me last week after my mail requesting for feedback. I find this difficult to understand, everybody knows this is not normal and I wonder why nobody has communicated this before?  I have now nightmares about the electrical bill!

Taking good care of the (our) machines and materials, rooms we have provided you with is your responsibility as a tenant. Thus also communicating issues immediately.  Communication is PUSH, not PULL!
You know you can always mail me and you know you always will receive an answer.  I count on this in the future.

It was nice meeting some of you yesterday, I count on everybody’s cooperation and wishing you all a lovely weekend.


Programminutes1 € coins