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Internet Usage Regulations

Posted by admin on 25 February 2021
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To avoid problems: slow connection, latency, instable connection, disappearing connection, ip congestion, data clogs etc … , we have invested in putting cabled connections and 6 access points the building 2 years ago.  We also have the heaviest Business subscription of Internet provider including a Speedboost option.  There simply exist no faster connection on the market.  

The only way to make the system work well and keeps working well, is if everybody uses the system as instructed and in a correct way.  
Whoever decides to do differently, causes problems for himself and all the other people in the building. 

This is the reason why we provide different networks per floor and also regulations for usage of the internet network, this is to HELP all of you, not to make your life difficult :-).

Thank you for reading and following the guidelines and helping us to get an acceptable way of working and using the internet for everybody.

Internet Usage Regulations

    Use only the network that is applicable for your studio location.
    In the kitchen, use the kitchen network.  Yes this is something you have to manage yourself on your devices.
    If people start using other networks than assigned to their floor, there will be too many people on the same network and it will slow down and finally clog, needing an intervention. Thus causing other people to do the same and then there is chaos and everybody is in trouble or without internet.  (see it as trying to move 20 persons in the elevator, it will not work either, access points also have limited bandwidth=capacity). 
    If your floor connection has problems, inform the contact person.

    Network list and where to use which network has been sent to you in the welcome mail upon arrival.
    If your network is not working correctly, INFORM the LANDLORD via
    This person will do the necessary to solve the issue.  

    Communicate clearly, completely and honestly, this is the only way to solve problems fast and efficiently:
    1. Which network are you surfing on + screenshot
    2. What is the issue + screenshot

    NEVER mess with the modem or access points yourself.
    We have assigned persons in the building to take care of this, this person has received all necessary information and ONLY THIS PERSON is allowed to reboot the installation!  This person will also gather information and contact us if they cannot solve it. 

    This is also NEW for us and them and we hope it can help controlling the internet management better. Let’s try and evaluate!
    Please be friendly, patient and understanding: everybody has an agenda, a professional-, student- and personal life, sometimes requiring you to be a bit patient and giving them time to investigate, solve or follow up on issues.

    The reason of the problems can be various eg: that too many people are surfing on wrong networks, causing slowdowns and clogs and also !!!!

    Messing with the router is not Ok and causes problems for otherpeople. Things that happened: Reset an access point to factory settings, causing it was no longer operational for other students + costs for interventions.  Puttng cables in the wrong ports causing slow connection and unstabel connection, 75€ intervention co. Snowball effect: these people start connecting on other networks, slowing down clogging other networks, then physical interventions by the internet provider are needed and nobody likes to pay 75€ for something that is caused by somebody not following the instructions.   
    If in the future we need to send a technical intervention because of people messing with the network themselves and without informing us, the costs will be charged from all tenants.

    Take in account that the internet provider themselves also have usage restrictions EVEN with an unlimited business subscription like ours:    
    Abuse or – peak hour overconsumption – will lead to penalties imposed by the internet provider which we have no control over and everybody will be on small band till the next month.

    Be aware that if you connect pc, tablet, mobiles, visitors mobile etc, … the more devices you connect, the more you are taking (unnecessary) bandwidth on the network, the more people who will really need the internet for work or study or communication with home, will have problems due to other people’s pleasure.   So, try to plan your activities as such that you take this into account.

    We provide internet for use of study/work and normal communication with family.  Yes, of course, we understand that everybody likes to download movies, stream movies, watch the news, play games, play music, … in their FREE time. We also see people having connected smart devices and gaming devices,… know that you punish your friend that is living next to you and maybe therefore cannot follow his classes.
    However, this is a personal pleasure thing, which everybody need to take care of for himself, especially if it will impact the possibility to study or work for the other tenants.  So MANAGE your connected devices and data usage and respect your fellow students.
    People regularly taking bandwidth of the provided subscription for this, are limiting other fellow students who need the internet for school work family.
    If you feel you need more internet often for pleasure purpose; be mature, responsible and respectful towards your fellow tenants, neighbors, students, friends and foresee yourself from a personal subscription, they exist from 28€/month. You can even share it