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How to Sort PMD

Posted by admin on 15 September 2020
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Sorting waste is an obligation, but it’s also an opportunity.

We all sort at home. So, why not do the same in your student housing or shared facilities in the building? Everybody has been obliged to collect PMD separately for a number of years, but sorting has many other advantages.

1. Sorting PMD means sustainable living

You want to be a sustainable and reduce your ecological footprint. Sorting PMD sits perfectly within that ambition. By sorting, you contribute to more sustainable materials management. Packaging is no longer lost as residual waste and is given new life as a valuable raw material.

2. Sorting PMD is good for your image

Sorting has become the norm. We can no longer afford to simply throw PMD in the residual waste. Co-residents, visitors, landlords, garbage collection service, educational institution, everybody will certainly appreciate or take your example it if they see you sort correctly.

3. Sorting PMD does not require major investment

Sorting is relatively easy to put in place. Most people know the system and the investment is fairly limited. You can also expect a great deal of help. Authorised waste partners, for example, offer specific PMD collection services. At Fost Plus you can get advice, free stickers and posters.

Download the ‘how to sort PMD’ brochure here