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Dear tenant,

Welcome at For Rent Leuven – Sint-Jacobsplein 21.

Whether you are a new tenant or already living in the building for a while.  Please take note of the house rules below. They will help you, your fellow-tenants and your landlord to make the best out of your stay.

Please note that by accepting the rental agreement, you accept the houserules. They make fully part of the contract

Thank you!

HOUSE RULES For Rent Leuven


Please mention your name AND studio number ALWAYS in ALL communication.
This will ease the handling of your e-mail and make it easier for us to reply you at short notice!  It will also save a lot of time to lookup or send you information, avoid confusions or to send somebody to the correct place if you need help or reparations. 

Bank Transfers & rental payments

Rents need to be in the landlords bank account latest calendar days after the start of each rental month.    Meaning, if eg. your rental month starts at the 15th of the month, we need to receive your payment latest on the 20th of that month. Cost for transfers are at the expense of the tenant. 

ALWAYS mention the studio number as a reference in your BANK transfers for rent or deposit !  If not it is not always easy to track payments if they come from different bank accounts, other names or cash deposits.

If you send us a proof of transfer (screenshot or sometimes online banking system offer a print in pdf) when you did payments it is easy to track information for you as well as us afterwards.

The correct Bank account information for deposit and rent is provided in your contract.

City taxes and registration !!

This is a tax charged by the city via the landlord, it is applicable for every accommodation in Belgium. This tax on second homes is not included in the rent ! 
If you register correctly at the city hall and/or your educational institution in Leuven AND provide us with the correct papers in time, we can obtain exemption.

We have accepted your rental on condition that we will receive from you the correct registration and corresponding papers to avoid the tax in time (= asap), even if your contract does NOT include 1st January of the year! Even if the city hall is giving you different information!

In case you do not provide us with the necessary papers in time, we are obliged to charge the applicable amount at the end of your stay in your final calculation or at the time the city sends us the tax bill if this is the case before the end of your contract. 

You have received information from your educational institution with instructions on how to register correctly upon your arrival.  If anything is not clear or you need help, please contact us!

Tax amounts  corresponding to the provided papers:

  • No registration at all : 818,5€
  • Student + proof of subscription at educational institution : 98 €
  • Student + proof of subscription at educational institution + proof holding a student grant : 43,5 €
  • Student + proof of registration at the municipal register of the city (annex 8 or annex 33) : 0 €
  • Proof of registration at the municipal register of the city : 0 €

These amounts are indexed yearly, the most recent amount may be consulted on the city website.

Arrange your registration as soon as possible after your arrival and provide me with the needed documents asap.

Common parts in the house are to be kept CLEAN AND FREE – ALWAYS !

  • the first hall
  • second hall
  • the elevator
  • the stairs 
  • the staircase with their floors at each level.

All common parts of the house have to be kept totally empty!  This is a regulation for your own security and obliged in order of the Fire Department of Leuven. 

This is also a regulation with which the other owners of the building  we all agreed on.

No garbage, no carpets, no bicycles or whatever are allowed inside these parts of the building. You dispose of your garbage or waste items accordingly the waste management regulations of the city.

Second person staying

You have rented a studio for one person and received a price offer for the stay of one person. We manage an all-in price for water, electricity, internet, kitchen facilities and use of the space.  Please note that there is a charge for extra consumption if you have a second person staying in your studio.

The charge counts per week(end), we then also temporarily place a second bed in your room.  If you also require this we can offer 1 set of sheets, duvet, pillow.   You can keep this linen until you do not need it anymore, the charge is for the laundry service after you have returned it.

!! All tenants are charged for second persons staying, we cannot make any exceptions, neither when you provide your own matrass, this is not allowed.

We count on your honesty to inform us about it.  If your dates are not specified, we assume every stay will be for at least one month and it will be charged as such.

The stay of second persons have to be requested by using this form: so it can be arranged for you and charged correctly.  It helps us keep track for correct calculations at the end of your stay and gives us the exact dates of when you need the bed and/or sheets..

The amount for the extra stay has to be paid latest on the day of placement of the bed and the tenant is to send us a proof of payment.


You need to use the right bags (brown and blue) and put them outside at the correct day, indicated on the garbage collection calendar. 
In the second income hall you will find the schedule / garbage calendar on the door next to the elevator.
Leuven police is very strict about garbage regulation and the fines for not following them are high, if charged, you will be held responsible for the total of the fine, if we cannot appoint the person responsible, the cost will be divided over all tenants and charged.

No garbage of any kind is allowed in the common parts of the building! 
For your and others safety but also do not disturb others with  garbage  and their particular  smells. You keep your garbage inside your studio until the day of collection, that day you put your bags outside.

Segregation is important, you will need to buy brown and blue bags.  They are available in most supermarkets in different sizes.

Brown : rest garbage
Blue : PMD
Paper : goes separately bound together, in a cardboard box or paper bag
Glass : you need to take to the glass container yourself. On the right side of the square opposite the building you find the glass containers.

Kitchen garbage bin are not to be used for your personal waste, but only for the waste created during use of the kitchen! Here also seggregation is mandatory. If we need to hire extra cleaning hours to sort it for you, the cost will be spread over and charged from all tenants

All info and useful tips can be found here:


The internet connection we offer is the heaviest and unlimited subscription from Telenet.   Please mind that you are all using the same network and if you overuse the connection, the provider will put a limitation on the subscription or the speed of the connection till the end of the month, causing slow connection, fallout and problems for everybody in the building.  Please respect your co-habitants.

Information about using the network of our provider: or

The internet is provide”d for work or study. For this reason it is not allowed to : download heavy programs, as music, films, games, webcams … all kind things that use a lot of space on the connection during peak hours.  
Peak hours are defined by the provider
People who need a lot of bandwidth for personal pleasure are to foresee in a personal subscribtion. telenet provides affordable subscribtions if you are a student.

Many of your fellow-tenants stay for shorter periods. We offer accommodation with internet included because it is expensive and time consuming for you to take separate subscriptions. 
All tenants in the building use the subscription to contact their family abroad, for their study or work. Please respect each other and do not abuse the subscription.

If you prefer your personal subscription this is possible as each studio has a cable access point. As a student you can also get KOTNET which is offered to KUL attached people.

The internet modems and routers are located in the common or private parts.  Please do not touch them to avoid problems or reset of the configuration. In case there are problems please contact us so we can give you the correct instructions or send someone to check it.  If you decide to do it on your own initiative anyway and we have to send a technician afterwards to reconfigure the system, all costs will be charged!

Bathroom & kitchen MAINTENANCE

Please try to keep the bathroom clean, especially the shower basin and the toilet. We provided you with products and brush, use them. Do not flush things or towels through the toilet, it may cause the pipes to congestion, resulting in severe and costly interveniances.  The same for the kitchen, don’t overheat the cooking plates, it will be easier to clean them afterwards.  Use the sink in your kitchen correctly and avoid to drain food rests and fatty substances into the drains.

Well maintaining your studio will avoid a high cost of end cleaning on your final calculation. Supplementary cleaning hours are charged at 13 € / hour.

If you have questions, need help or information, please let us know.

Use of electrical appliances !!! Avoid short circuits

If a short circuit happens into your studio please tell us when, where, what and how it happened (time, situation, what caused, where, frequency, etc…).
We do not need this info to tell you did something wrong but IT EASES LOCATING AND FIXING THE PROBLEM. Having more information will make it easier to find the problem AND the solution, the reparation will be done much faster and will prevent further problems.   Shortcuts are usually caused by a defect in a device or wiring, or wrong way of using them.  We can only solve what we know about, so please inform us asap.

Cooking plates :

Water and electricity are not meant to be combined! 
We have noticed in the past that some people put their dishes on the cooking plates to dry.  This is the worst thing you can do as you will damage your cooking plate, and cause short circuits every time when turning it on, also it is dangerous for electrocutation.  Usually this is happens when water entered into the cooking plates buttons, please take care when cleaning it, or doing dishes, and avoid water to go into the cooking system.    
In case it did get wet, wait to use it and do not turn it on before it is dry.

If a shortcut continues to happen, please tell us so we can send someone to have it repaired before it causes serious problems or damages.

Be a little patient we are aware of the inconveniences and will try to help you asap but unfortunately we cannot do miracles ;-). 
After reparation, if the problem persists, let us know. 

If there is a power shortcut do not hesitate to contact us by phone, especially during weekends or after 18h, we are not 24h behind the desk or see the emails immediately and of course we want to help you asap. 
So for really urgent matters, please call!   We can be reached on one of these numbers:
00 32 (0)53 42 00 18
00 32 (0)487 254 154

Electrical devices

Electrical devices that use higher wattage than 900 watt are NOT ALLOWED !  Before buying or bringing it in your house, check the power wattage on your hairdryer, ironing device,…

Grill, deep fryers or fryers of any kind are forbidden, any kind of electric or gas heaters as well.  This kind of devices have caused fire in buildings before, you live with many people in one building, please take responsibility also towards your fellow-tenants.

Mind also not to use all of your electrical devices at the same time, this might overpower of the fuses.

After cooking, IMMEDIATELY, clean the cooking plates to keep it in the state you got it. Do NOT put your wet dishes on it to dry. The combination of water and electricity is very dangerous.

When cooking, use pots and pans of  about the same size as the plates.  Electric cooking plates warm up smoothly but keep their heat for a long time even after they are turned off.

So no need to keep the cooking plates at full power all the time.  The plates should NEVER become red, this is dangerous and might cause a fire with disastrous results for you and your co-habitants.

If you have a ceramic cooking plate, do not use sharp objects to clean it nor drop heavy things on it.  In case the glass is damaged, it cannot be replaced and we need to replace the complete cooking device, this is a costly affair.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask. 

Never put metal into the microwave, this will cause defects or explosion. Clean up the interior of the microwave oven every time you have used it, I expect it in the same state back you got it.

If you need more kitchen stuff, please ask I might have spare equipment.

Please make sure that the door of your fridge is always well closed to avoid waste of energy or causing the fridge to malfunction.   In case you have a freezer compartment, please make sure to defrost it when needed.

Clean your fridge regularly to keep it and the foods inside healthy!


You have an all-in price so electricity is included in your rental price, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to care and can leave lights on even during your absence. Electricity is expensive and there is no need to waste it, furthermore it is bad for the environment to waste it.  Respect your landlord who pays the bill at the end of the year and turn of your lights when you leave or do not need them.  During technical visits we regularly find several studios where people leave the lights on during their absence, please not that in case of abuse we are allowed to ask you the compensation.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor save energy


All water is drinkable and for this reason also very expensive in Belgium.  Your rental price includes the consumption of water (this is the amount of water used, not the tax of 6€/month that is charged by the city), this does not mean you do not have to care.
All supplementary costs for not informing your landlord in time will be at your expense !   Dripping valves, running toilets?! Leaks in the bathroom? Contact us IMMEDIATELY for advice or/and reparation.


On your radiator you find the TECHEM meter.  There are 3 numbers on the radiator:  code – level of current consumption – the reference consumption of the past year.

When you arrive and leave you have to send us the meter stand and we calculate the difference to see the amount of consumed units.

If you do not send us the meter stand within 3 days of your arrival, we will take the final meter stand of the tenant before you!

You can follow yourself how much heating you use, by making the difference between your start meter stand and the meter stand at time you wish to calculate your heating consumption.
1 consumed unit will be charged at 0,37 €  or as stated in your rental offer.  

Heating consumption is charged yearly or at the end of your staying in the final calculation. Every year around the end of June, the meter company comes to take up the meter stand, reset the number to zero and check the device on accurate working.

To avoid unnecessary and unpleasant high cost for heating follow this advice :

When you leave the studio, always close the valve and reopen when you come back. the house is very well isolated and warms up very quickly.

Do not leave on the heating even if you leave for short time.  When you leave on holiday or for a few days, don’t forget to turn it off. 
Do not turn on heating and leave doors and windows open in the same time.

The cost of yearly consumption of the studio’s for the past year was between 0€ and 650 €.  That’s a huge difference and depends solely on the behavior of the occupant.

All info on how to manage your heating can be found here :

Reparations and issues

All possible  problems, leaks, dripping water, bad working toilets,  electricity, internet, whatever doesn’t not work well, needs to be reported as soon as possible in order to make us able to solve it.  We can only solve those problems of which we are aware, so do not hesitate to let me know by mail, phone.


Is NOT ALLOWED inside your accommodation or the building.   It is dangerous, unhealthy and smelly, also for the other tenants living in the building.  The smoke and smell enter the other accommodations via the ventilation system.
Apart from that smoking causes a bad smell and yellow color / nicotine to stay behind in walls, furniture, tissues.  Any kind of extra maintenance, reparation, replacement or repainting due to smoking will be charged at the end of your stay.    Please respect your studio, the building, and your neighbors.

Fire security

Every accommodation has a smoke alarm device.  Please leave it where it is and do NOT REMOVE the battery.  In case the device starts making a regularly beep or the light is blinking, this means the battery needs to be replaced.


Respect your co-habitants, be quiet in the stairs and common parts.  Keep your doors closed while cooking and ventilate via the window, if not sound and also smells enter the whole building. 
The staircase hall works as a soundbox and especially at night noise is very disturbing and hard. Close the second door of your studio if you are talking or have guests and keep silent, some of your fellow tenants are studying or working at night and have to sleep during daytime.

I hope this information is helpful to you and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask. 

We hope your staying with us will be nice and let’s keep the house pleasant to live in for everybody.

Thank you!


Removing items/furniture that do not originally belong to your studio.

You remove this yourself before leaving, if we have to do this for you the time of our workman and the cost for the collection service will be charged from the deposit.


Second person staying

Housing regulations in Leuven do not allow permanent stays of 2 persons in your studio.

Furthermore in your contract you pay a rental price with cost for wifi, electricity, water included for 1 person.

If you have a short term visitor, you need to inform us and costs for this stay will be applicable.
This is nothing more than normal. People staying in a hotel or guesthouse will also have to pay for their stay.

A second bed will be placed for the requested period.

Rate as of September 2019:
– 30 € :: 1-time cost for administration & handling
– 30 € :: per week(end) for use of facilities

Second persons staying need to be announced via our webform, so the information is sent automatically to the correct person.

Extra matrasses, are NOT ALLOWED in your room, and will be removed at your expense. In case you do not announce your guest and we notice extra persons staying, the charge for a full month will be applicable.



Extra interventions
If we have to send a contact person for eg: loosing keys, replacing batteries, replacing bulbs, cleaning or unclogging drains, the cost for this intervention will be at your expense.

Deplacement cost, working hours and cost for materials and getting materials in the shop.
Please note that we are renting furnished studio’s but we are not a hotel.  When you arrive you receive a room with working appliances, bulbs, batteries, toilet paper etc… are to be replaced by the tenant.  Your sink and shower drains have to be maintained by the tenant, meaning you regularly have to remove the hairs.

Please note that the keys you have received to your rooms are special ‘security locks’ keys cannot just be replaced or duplicated simply by that.  It needs to be sent to the manufacturer which is a costly affair.  If we need to send somebody to let you in or change the lock, charges will be at your expense.

Of course we know it is always possible things or accidents happen, but we insist on paying attention and taking responsibility for the materials we have put at your disposal.  

Thank you!


Dear tenants,

The washing machine is operational!  

To make use of it, you have to enter coins in the device attached to the wall.  We can only work with 1€ coins, 1 € gives energy for  15 minutes. 
I have put a paper on top of the machine that indicates the time/cost per program.  Carefully check this before you turn it on!
Make sure to add enough coins to run the full chosen program, if not the machine will simply stop until you add extra coins.

  1. Check the list and choose your desired program
  2. Set the button to the needed program position
  3. Fill up the machine MAX 7 kilo! And close the door.
  4. Add your 1€ coins, the display indicates the available time
  5. Push start on the machine
  6. Check the time indicated on the washing machine it will need to finish
  7. When this time is passed, go get your laundry
  8. In the front side in the rubber usually is a small drain hole, after each use check if there is any dirt and remove it
  9. Don’t close the door of the machine so it can dry out after use

Please note that you will be using the machine with 4 accommodations.  So it is important to remove your laundry when it is ready.
If you spill washing product: clean it up!
Do not run the machine after 23 pm or before 8 pm as some people have different living and working schedule then you and might need their sleep. The spinning can be noisy!

There is a drying rack available in the 3rd floor next to the cabinet. 
Dry your laundry in your own accommodation, but do not forget to VENTILATE your room during and 30 min after drying.
After use, place it back there.


Upstairs you find also an iron and ironing board you can use.

ATTENTION:  ALWAYS TURN OFF the iron before putting it back in the box. 
Please double check, it is a wireless iron so it is easy to forget and if you put it in here when it is still on, it will cause a fire!

Cleaning materials, broom, vacuum cleaner are all provided also in the third floor, you can use it but respect the
Rules for EACH USE !!
1. you always clean it (filter, hair, dirt, dust, …. Remove ! )

2. put it back so everybody who needs it can use it.  


Need help? Let me know! I prefer to help you then to have damage after!
If something is broken, or not working well, let me know so I can look at it!
Accidents happen, things can break or malfunction.  I can only solve what I know.

Don’t wait with letting me know as maybe it can still be fixed under guarantee and it would be a pity not to make use of that!

please note that providing a laundry machine and a coin machine is new for me also, so all feedback about how this works well or not  is welcome!

Thank you!