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Extra support / interventions Overview

Dear tenant,

Last year there have been some misunderstandings about the garbage and maintenance of the kitchen and laundry room but also about what are whose responsibilities.   Opinions were divided and where many people realize it is normal to maintain the rented properties themselves, some people feel there should be somebody to do it or even pay it for them.

Well, the Belgian law states that every tenant is responsible for maintaining all the goods he has received in good and hygienic condition. This means not only reporting possible issues, damages, problems IN TIME, but also keepingf the individual AND shared accommodation clean, hygienic, and to do the maintenance that is the tenants repsonsability.

We have worked in a fluent, flexible and often informal way with our tenants for over 30 years without problems and mainly good experiences, however last year seemed to be a difficult year for both us and the tenants.

Based on the received feedback, we have decided to reorganize our informal way of working and thus we will hire people to assist is us in this work.

Hopefully this will help shape more clarity over the landlords and the tenants responsibilities;

  • more planned administration
  • more formal agreements more clear listing of what is and what is not included in your contract.
    We currently use the standard KU contract as reference. These contracts do not specify every single detail since many things are prescribed by the Belgian law on Housing Agreements.
    Contracts usually detail the particular agreements between the landlord and the tenant.
  • The house rules will be updated and added on the website
  • A formula to submit place description inventory for your studio will be setup
  • Extra intervention rates will be specified
  • More information will be added to the website for your reference
  • Regular checkups of the building and the accommodations will be planned
  • ….