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City Tax Leuven, how to avoid it

Posted by admin on 25 March 2016
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Please note that everybody who is staying in Leuven over the first of January is subject to take arrangements for the payment (or not) pof the city tax.
This is not defined by the landlord but a general regulation that is applicable on every accommodation in Leuven, moreover in Belgium. 

What kind of registration do you need?

Please follow the chart below to see which procedure and  papers are applicable for your situation to avoid or lower the city taxes.
We need to receive these papers latest end of February. If we don’t receive the papers in time, the city will charge this tax.
To avoid problems after your leave, we also ask all students to deliver proof of subscription at their educational institution.

Download a pdf of the flow here : Leuven – Overzicht city tax

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To check whether you ar NEEA or EEA you can check this link:

The procedure, what should you take to the city hall, and wwhat paper should you receive?

More information about how to arrange your papers upon arrival, can also be found on the website of KU Leuven