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City Tax documents

Posted by admin on 15 March 2021
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Are to be provided in time! To avoid the charge of the tax.

This is something your landlord cannot do for you, the student needs to collect the papers and send them to his landlord, IN TIME = ASAP !
Your landlord receives the tax declaration form in February of each year, if he does not have your papers before that – and before the moment he is doing the administration for that – there is no way to get a correction afterwards, so PROVIDE your papers in time! == As soon as possible after your arrival. If you have not provided it within the stipulated period after your arrival, your landlord will send you a payment request to settle the corresponding tax amount, if not the amount will be charged from yoru deposit.

If you have not all papers immediately, provide what you have already as it may at least give right to a lowered rate if you do not get your city hall registration procedure finalized in time.

Proof of attachment to an educational institution or program :
You have this even before your arrival to Leuven. Send a copy to your (future) landlord as soon as you have it
Some tips
If you cannot find your paper in yoru mailbox: EVERY KU LEUVEN student can request a copy of his proof of subscribtion via the online KU Leuven office. Studenten from a KU Leuven Association, can request it from the digital student protal of their educational institution.
International students should provide their landlord with this paper AND with the proof of registration of the city hall. Both documents need to be provided to the tax officer!
Source & more information about the city tax :