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Cheap internet subscription fro STUDENTS from 20€/month

Posted by admin on 2 November 2020
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We provide an internet subscription in the building.

the pusrpose of this is that our students can access the internet for study or work. However, since times are chanigg many people also use the network to do video calls, stream music, download wathc movies, youtube, even gaming etc, often with more than 1 device at the time.

unfortunately this also impacts the quality or speed of the network for peope who are at that time working or studying.

A link to the regulations about the usage of the general internet network provided in the building is sent with the houserules to every student upon arrival.

We cannot privide individual subscriptions to every student, HOWEVER, telenet offers a CHEAP solution for people who neeed more capacity. Every studio is frooressen with a cable connection so every student has the opportunity to take an individual subscription in case he needs more capacity or more intensive usage of the network than allowed by the inhouse regulation.

Please note taking such a subscription is at the expense and sole respoinsibility of the tenant.

All information can be found here.